2020 AGM –Board elections and Carbon Insetting

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On 25th October 2020 we held our Annual General meeting. Due to COVID restrictions it was held online. Our Chair David Mawer welcomed visitors and presented the President’s report detailing the activities of the Co-op over the past twelve months. The Annual Report can be viewed online or downloaded here.

Carol Blair, Chair of the Bass Coast Community Foundation, was invited to take over as Presiding Person for the election of board members. David Mawer, George Fairlie, Neroli Raff will continue as Directors. Those retiring in 2020 are Max Richter, Peter Wonfor, Bruce Hydon. Peter Wonfor and Bruce Hydon re-nominated and were re-elected.

Guest Speakers: David introduced our guest speakers-Bob Davie and Moragh Mackay who gave a joint presentation on the power and Importance of Carbon Farming and the need to adjust our agricultural methods to include long-term sustainability and climate change impacts – in particular greenhouse gas emissions is not only imperative but also an extremely interesting challenge. Bob Davie is an expert and has been implementing what to many of us are some “new” concepts for… wait for it… 65 years ! He does this at Bimbadeen – his 340 acre family farm on Phillip Island. His well-documented and independently measured and certified results of his carbon farming going back his first audit in 2001(1) (yes, Bob had been practicing carbon farming long before audits were available) are proof of the incredible power of these techniques to not only mitigate climate change by absorbing atmospheric CO2 to dramatically increasing the carbon content of soil but also improve crop and livestock performance.

Moragh informed us about Carbon Insetting. We are all well aware of Moragh’s knowledge, experience and background given she was the Chair of the Energy Innovation Co-op from 2015 to 2019. Perhaps less well-known is that she has worked at the community level in Gippsland for over 20 years with Farmers, Landcare Groups and Networks, Catchment Management Authorities, local government, Water Authorities and the Phillip Island Nature Parks.

For more detailed information about the AGM see the 2020 AGM minutes here.

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