A year with Tesla’s Big Battery

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With all this talk in the media of possible rolling blackouts for Victoria this summer we thought it would be a good time to examine the real impact of the Tesla big battery in Hornsdale S.A.

“The Tesla big battery was built without subsidy, in a period of just 4.5 months from design to full operations, and at a cost of $91 million. If the figures available to date are any guide, it is making plenty of money ($24 million in revenue this year) and may deliver a payback to its owners in less than four years.

Even better, it is delivering an even bigger market benefit for consumers ($40-$50 million in its first year) by lowering costs, particularly in the frequency control market, but also in wholesale price. Add in the value of grid security, and the avoidance of blackouts, and the savings are considerable.

Its role here is not to save the world on its own, but to hold the fort until the slower moving cavalry arrives. This can mean the difference between lights out for some, as the grid moves to protect itself by shedding load, and no interruptions at all.”

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