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On Wednesday, Bass Coast Shire Councillors voted to approve a motion to:

  • clarify that Council’s Plan aims to achieve a community wide emissions reduction target of 50% of 2009/10 levels, by 2025. (This is the very first Shire community emissions reduction target in this region. It’s very important news!)
  •  support the continued development of the place-based “Totally Renewable Towns” collaborative model for community energy in two initial areas of Bass Coast Shire, before making the model available across the Shire. The initial areas include the already working “Totally Renewable Phillip Island” collaboration, plus a Waterline community
  • Commit to co-operating with the Energy Innovation Co-operative on the “Totally Renewable Towns” project. The funding request will go through the budget process.
  • Note the Victorian government’s commitments for solar and battery installation
  •  work with the Energy Innovation Co-operative to achieve maximum benefit from those government commitments, for residents and local businesses.


Addressing the imperative to reduce carbon emissions is a community issue which requires all of us working together to achieve.
Bass Coast Shire has warmly embraced the community-focussed, collaborative model which is demonstrated by the “Totally Renewable Phillip Island” initiative, and the Energy Innovation Co-operative appreciates this support for our efforts and those of the community.


  • The Co-op board and volunteers will be sitting down together soon to plan the coming year’s activities. Your ideas and suggestions warmly welcomed. One initiative which we are considering is regular social get-togethers, maybe with some interesting speakers to stimulate the conversations round a meal or few drinks. Suggestions for some good speakers as well as other activities,  are invited! Email to by the first week in Jan.


  • Sometime in late January or early Feb, we hope to flick on the switch and start generating power from the “Old Energy-New Energy” installation at the State Coal Mine. We’ll keep you posted.


  • Have a great Xmas and New Year!

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