EI Co-op & Cooperative Power: new electricity offer now open !

Co-operative Power is a not-for-profit cooperative established in 2018. Its members are all organisations: unions, community and environmental groups, including the Energy Innovation Co-op. The objective is to set up a community owned electricity retailer in Victoria, in order to:

  • Contribute to the economic security of working people
  • Grow and strengthen civil society
  • Supercharge the transition to a safe climate energy system

The current membership base, ie members of the organisations which make up Co-operative Power, is around 80,000 people, and growing.

More members = more potential customers for the retail offering= more market power in community hands + more benefits returning to community!

Energy Innovation Co-operative Ltd is an organizational member of Co-operative Power, with a representative on the board. Download the Co-operative Power prospectus here, for more information about Co-operative Power, and its first-step-partnership with an existing retailer.

The Energy Innovation Co-operative sees Cooperative Power as:

  1. a source of affordable electricity now for our members, friends and local businesses (click here for cooperative power offer)
  2. an essential link between the renewable energy generation Energy Innovation Co-op is helping to establish TRPI and Southern CORE Fund, and the purchasing of that renewable energy by residents and businesses who maybe can’t install their own (click here for cooperative power offer).

Please note: at present, not all the Cooperative power/ Energy Locals cheapest power offer is renewable. But if you join up with the deal plus join as a member of Energy Innovation Co-operative you will be an important part of making that happen!

Alternate contact to enquire about the offer: phone 1300 693 637 BUT please state that you are a “co-operative power” customer, to ensure the benefit flows back to our community.