New logo for Totally Renewable Phillip Island

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It’s friendly, conversational and emphasizes the “new” in renewable. And the “sometimes attached” dragonfly is a world-wide climate change indicator species which transforms itself in one lifetime.

That’s the new logo for the multi-faceted collaboration which is “Totally Renewable Phillip Island”. Another well attended Working Group meeting at Phillip Island Community and Learning Centre (PICAL) late last week was very happy to adopt local graphic artist Jeni Jobe’s ideas for a logo and the beginnings of a communications strategy.

Part of the plan involves each of the many groups colouring the logo with their own “signature colour” when promoting their own projects. In that way each business or community group keeps building its own brand, whilst showing they are part of a larger movement. All are working together towards Phillip Island being carbon-neutral and 100% renewable by 2030.

So, who else wants to join in? The motion to adopt the concept was agreed unanimously by those at the meeting. An additional vote of thanks went to Jeni for her (volunteer) efforts. Each participant from the Working Groups will now go back to their own organization/s and ask for ratification of the concept. New participants and participant organisations are very welcome.

Contact Kylie at PICAL or the Energy Innovation Co-op’s Moragh Mackay via An updated report on what the TRPI Working Groups are up to can be found on the TRPI page at

You can link up to the Totally Renewable Phillip Island Facebook page, or Instagram, to keep following the story………….and finding the new bits as we grow.

Above are examples of how the TRPI core logo can “co-logo” with groups.
We all want to be part of the TRPI target of being carbon neutral by 2030.

Other organisations, businesses and groups are invited to add their ideas, activities and brands to the movement!

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