This page contains details and frequently asked questions for the Energy Innovation Co-operative Solar & Battery SmartBuy, which launched September 2019. The Energy Innovation Co-op has a 10 year record of advocating and delivering solar and energy efficiency projects for the community. Our SmartBuy is intended to help our community members in getting high quality value for money solar and batteries and supporting local quality solar installation companies.

What is the Solar & Battery SmartBuy?

  • Energy Innovation Co-op carefully selects local solar companies and installers.
  • Together, Energy Innovation Co-operative and the solar companies select a small range of high-quality solar equipment to offer to participants.
  • Energy Innovation Co-operative promotes the SmartBuy through various media avenues.
  • Participants register online and each participant is referred to one of the local solar companies who will design a system and provide a quote
  • If the participant accepts the quote the system is installed according to the solar company’s work schedule.
  • Payment is made to the solar company and all warranties are provided by the solar company.
  • Prices are lower than usual because of volume and because the solar companies avoid the usual advertising and sales costs.

How does the SmartBuy work?

The SmartBuy works through:

  1. People express interest via the Google Form below
  2. We refer your inquiry to the participating solar installation companies
  3. You receive a call from one of the local solar companies who organises a quote for your house or business
  4. When happy, you confirm quote and get your solar

How do I register?

Please register using this Google Form.


Why get solar through the Energy Innovation Co-Op's SmartBuy?

  • Organised by passionate volunteers from your local community because we just love helping people take control of their energy use and costs whilst improving the sustainability of our energy system.
  • Supporting information and articles can be found on this website.
  • Support local solar companies and jobs, and keep money in our local economy. The Energy Innovation Co-operative only refers jobs to solar companies based within our local region.
  • Excellent equipment at very good prices. We’ve taken the hard work out of choosing from the large number of brands and models on the market, and the prices are very sharp for the equipment being offered.
  • Trusted solar installers that we know provide good quality equipment and service – we want everyone to have a great experience and outcome.

How good are the prices?

Quotes obtained through the SmartBuy should be very competitive with other suppliers. We encourage participants to compare offers if they wish – we don’t mind where you get your solar from – we just love seeing more solar on roofs! Just make sure you are comparing apples with apples: all the equipment offered in the SmartBuy is high quality for both economy and top-tier equipment; there are cheaper panels and inverters on the market but as with most things you get what you pay for. Our goal is to help people get the right setup for their home using quality equipment and installers.





Fronius Inverter

5 years

Inverter warranty can be extended to 10 years for free, see here.

SolarEdge Inverter and DC optimisers

12 year inverter

25 year DC optimisers

Inverter warranty can be extended

Trina panels

10 year manufacturing

25 year output

Failure is covered for 10 years. Output is covered for 25 years if the panel is still working

LG panels

25 year manufacturing and output

Much longer warranty than most panels

Number of panels

Note: this table is just a guide – you don’t have to get exactly this many panels. The installer can advise when they provide a quote.

Panel type




Trina 295W




LG 330W




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