Totally Renewable Phillip Island update

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Totally Renewable Phillip Island: Partnerships at work towards a renewable future.

Members of the Totally Renewable Phillip Island (TRPI) working group met with Ausnet Services representatives again recently.

Phillip Island Community and Learning Centre (PICAL) hosted the Feb. 8 follow-up to last November’s meeting which had agreed that Energy Innovation Co-op would collate a list of specific potential sites for both larger and household solar installations, and Ausnet would collate more data on the state of the electricity network on Phillip Island.  Outcomes from those efforts were presented and discussed. The TRPI collaboration now has the beginnings of a network map, giving more details of where it is more or less likely that larger solar installations, or grouped micro-grid, or community battery installations could be suitable.

Phillip Island Nature Park, Westernport Water, and Mondo representative Scott Chapman, were also present, with Mondo in discussions with the group about participation within TRPI activities.

Featured: Chris Catanese, Bhavani Rooks, Scott Chapman, Erica Twining, Moragh Mackay, MaxRichter.

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